A Military Flavour


Very close to us, we have two fascinating museums that both the kids and some 'older kids' will enjoy.


The Tank Museum is the museum of the Royal Tank Regiment & Royal Armoured Corps. It brings the history of tanks and tank crew to life. Supported by the world's best collection of tanks & action packed live displays.


If you want to be adventurous, you can feel the thrill of riding in a tracked vehicle for yourself in an M548, specially converted to hold 16 people at a time.

WW1 Tank Mud

AFC Teambuilding and Events have a military vehicle driving course a short drive from here, just over the other side of the Mendip Hills.


They say:


"A unique, unforgettable morning. You will be given the opportunity to drive a variety of vehicles at one of the UK’s best purpose built circuits."


"Over tough terrain you will test your skills under the guidance of our highly skilled instructors. Adventure out and experience driving vehicles from our fleet."


"Other challenging drives await you on a morning you will always remember!"


"ACF’s base is nestled at the foot of the Mendip Hills in amongst acres of scenic land offering some of the best facilities in the UK for activity and teambuilding days."

The Fleet Air Arm Museum will change your perception of aircraft museums.


Representing the flying arm of the Royal Navy, the National Museum of the Royal Navy comprises four museums, reflecting the fact that the Royal Navy operates on the sea, under the sea, on the land and in the air.


With four exhibition halls, over ninety aircraft and over 2 million records and 30 thousand artefacts, the museum is the world's second largest naval aviation museum.


The new Fly Navy 100 exhibition dramatically presents 100 years of naval aviation from its first air ship 1909, to today's formidable air power from the sea.


The museum has the first British built Concorde which you can go on-board and visit the cockpit. In addition, you will see the museum's award winning Aircraft Carrier Experience.

Fleet Air

Outside, there is a Mini Marines Assault Course, and licensed restaurant, ample free parking and excellent disabled access.


Find out more by exploring their web site and then see for yourself.


The location of the Museum is at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton (also known as HMS Heron) in Somerset.


With more flights in and out of RNAS Yeovilton than any other military air station in Europe you are likely to see aircraft going through their rigorous training procedures.

You can 'fly' by helicopter to the replica flight deck of the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. On board the Ark Royal you'll see fighter aircraft and two enormous projection screens showing a Phantom strike fighter and a Buccaneer strike bomber. Once on board you can visit the Island control rooms and bridge and even see a nuclear bomb.