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Having passed my first driving test back in April 1978, my HGV test in 1992 and various other driving type tests in between (fork truck, lorry loader, recovery, etc.) I have been driving professionally for many years.


In 1999 I passed my Advanced Driving Test and just over a year later found myself working in the TV and film industry, first driving a mixture of vehicles like costume trucks, make up trucks, buses, sometimes with American 'artist' trailers on the back and occasionally driving the celebrities to and from their hotels from the film set.


However, after doing this job for more than 8 years I was getting home sick due to, on occasion, being away from home for weeks at a time, indeed, during 2009, working on the new 'Clash of the Titans' movie I was away for 10 weeks.


Being an easy going, old fashioned family man, the final straw came when I went away in the April of 2009 on a Friday, when my new grand daughter was born on the Saturday, and I didn’t hold her for 10 weeks; the webcam in no substitute.


So, when I came home, my thoughts were turning to some kind of change. I had only been home for 2 weeks when I found myself driving a costume truck down through Spain towards Morocco, to work on the film ‘Inception’ which starred Leonardo de Caprio.


I came back, after which time it was August, I had then made up my mind, so I registered my car (an X Type Jaguar) as a taxi.


While some family and friends thought I was mad to go self-employed and give up my job at a time when the country was in recession, I felt I had something to offer, as my background was driving and looking after people for many years.


Between Christmas and new year my wife and myself changed her Ford Ka, got her registered as a taxi driver and have now an 8 seater vehicle, so we can accommodate more people and their needs.


In February 2010 I retook the advanced driving test and passed, also in March I took a skid pan course at the Castle Combe circuit near Bath (also winning the trophy as in the gallery).


We can offer, airport runs, seaports, railway stations, long trips, short trips, school runs, contracts, daily hire, quick response courier work, 24 hour, 7 days a week call out, with competitive prices.


Both my wife and myself have both worked in industries where the emphasis has been on customer care, which we try at all times to give our customers, by being courteous, smartly dressed and making them feel at ease (normally in black trousers, black shirt with company name and myself wearing a tie). We try to maintain a personal touch wherever possible.