The Isle of Avalon


The Isle of Avalon website is the place to go to find out about mystical, alternative Glastonbury.


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Glastonbury Festival


The greatest festival of the performing arts in Europe.


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Chalice Well


Chalice Well is one of Britain's most ancient wells, nestling in the Vale of Avalon between the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill.


Surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchards it is a living sanctuary in which the visitor can experience the quiet healing of this sacred place.


For over two thousand years this has been a place where people have gathered to drink the waters and find solace, peace and inspiration


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Glastonbury Abbey


One of the greatest abbeys of medieval Europe, in ruins now but a place of pilgrimage to this day.


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Glastonbury Tor


Some say this was the centre of the Old Religion, where the Lady of the Lake lived.


Decide for yourself!


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Goddess Training and Conference


Always known you were really a goddess?


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