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Somerset is fortunate to have some of the finest church towers in the country, known as the 'Somerset Perpendiculars' or the 'Somerset Towers'.


Built in the 14th to 16th centuries, they have been described as among England's finest contributions to medieval art.


Visiting them, you will not only enjoy some beautiful English churches, little snapshots of English history, but also see some of the most lovely villages and hamlets you might never otherwise find.


Have a browse through some of them on Wikipedia's pages (link) and we can arrange a tour that takes in any of them that you would like to visit.


You can also call in at some marvellous watering holes - the other essential and historic centre of an English village - or cream tea palaces should you require that! It makes a wonderful day out, or, if you have a particular interest, a fascinating living study.


Make a note of the ones you like the look of, or have a particular interest in, and we can prepare your itinerary.


You can either phone us or use our contact page (see above) to tell us about the ones you'd like to see.